Hancoco is a private limited company based in Indonesia. We are the best supplier of coconut products in Indonesia. We provide varieties of best quality products to fulfill your needs, for both food and non food items. Since we highly value our customers as the most important aspects in our business, we won’t let you down with our products. Thus, we ensure to deliver only best quality products to you. We carefully inspect the raw material to produce our products which then be processed throughout well standardized production procedure. We’re committing for long-lasting and sustainable business with all of our partners, including our customers, suppliers, coconut’s farmers and environments.


Strengthen the domination of Indonesia in exporting coconut and its derivative products throughout the world as well as maintaining sustainable business activities.


Consistent in delivering high quality, healthy and useful coconut products to our valuable customers through out the world.
To have long lasting business by respecting and maintaining great relationship with all of our partners.
Commit on sustainable business by being responsible to the environment. 

Vision &


We consistently work together and implement values that have been incorporated since the very beginning of our business. Those values are our success factors and principles that we have been carried on. We are implementing those core values to do every part of our business.

  • Integrity
    We uphold the values of integrity in our business, which is vital and crucial for long-term business. Without integrity, there will never be trust between the parties which will soon break apart the business. Therefore, we always implement integrity as one of our most important values in every situation of our business.
  • Passion
    Passion lead to hard work and consistency in doing our business activities without stress feeling. It is important to be passionate on what we do, because it will bring excellences for us and our partners. Without passion, people tends to have less innovation and motivation. In the long run, it will downgrade the company over the time.
  • Innovation
    We always want to provide the best of high quality products to our customers. Therefore, innovation, including improvement, is critical for our business.  Thus, we strongly respect feedbacks from our customers to produce high quality products in accordance with their needs. We also commit to have continuous improvement to give our positive impacts to the society.
  • Relationship
    Relationship with all of our partners are very important in our business. We always aim for strong, healthy and mutual beneficial relationship with all of our partners. We cling to trust that we have been built together with our partners over the years.
  • Wisdom
    We always use the value of wisdom in our decision making process as well as in every day working situation. We commit to not only think about what is good for us, but also for the society. and environment.

Indonesia has massive amount of coconut resources. However unfortunately, it was exported directly without any additional value. Therefore, we have decided to increase the economy of Indonesia by supplying semi-finished or finished products. Thus, it will have much more value in the market. By doing this, we can increase the economy of Indonesia, as well as providing welfare to our employees and famers. We believe that our good corporate governance supports us to be able to supply continuously.

As the best supplier of coconut products from Indonesia, we commit to always deliver high quality products to our customers. We ensure that all of our products are processed through high quality and well standardized production procedure. Our team carefully monitor and inspect the product in pre, on-going, and post production process. We also do quality checking of our raw material and finished goods. Therefore, we believe that our high quality products and relationship with the partners bring us to a long-lasting business.

Furthermore, we also commit to fair trade act since we want to have mutual welfare and sustainable business. We have also been involved in charity event to share with others. You can also participate in the charity by clicking the link below and donate to them. Our little support means a lot for them.

Why Us