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Coconut fiber is the processed coconut coir which used to be thrown away by the farmers as they considered it as wastes. But actually, coconut fiber has many benefits and can be used in various industries. Coconut fiber is the raw material of many products, such as ropes, mats, brushes, brooms, mattresses, car seats, and many others. Hence, the demand of coconut fiber is increasing over the years due to its benefits, quality, and affordable price. As the leading supplier of coconut fiber in Indonesia, we supply only high quality products to our customers.

Aside from those benefits in various industries, coconut fiber is also useful in irrigation system. It has good quality in holding water to be the barrier. In addition, people also often use coconut fiber as planting media, especially in hydroponic industry. Thus, the market of coconut fiber is not only to factories, but also to home/retail consumers, depending on their needs.


Quality / Duration of storage

The best grade fibers are light in color, gold-yellow (fiber from not yet completely ripened nuts) or brown (fiber from ripe nuts).

An excessively high water content within the bales results in self-heating and decay during long voyages. A moisture measurement must therefore be carried out before accepting the consignment and moisture-damaged bales must be rejected.

Subject to compliance with the appropriate temperature and moisture conditions, duration of storage is not a limiting factor as regards transport and storage life.


Intended use

Coconut fiber is used to produce hawsers, ropes, cords, runners, mats, brooms, brushes, paint brushes and as stuffing for mattresses and upholstered furniture.



  • Colour : golden yellow / brown
  • Moisture : ±18 %
  • Length : 5-20cm
  • Impurity : ± 5%
  • Package : 95-110 kg/bale
  • Quantity : ± 197 bales / container 40 HC